Okay Y’all,

So my day was pretty rad. I did adult things for my new apartment that
I’m moving into next week.

First, I bought a new mattress yay! I don’t have a picture of it BUT!
I do have my new comforter that I got for it which was the second
thing I did today! So my boyfriend and I went mattress shopping at
mattress firm which was pretty fun ’cause who doesn’t like to lay on a ton of mattresses? I picked out a queen sized medium firm mattress which is perfect because I like to sit on my bed a lot and I tend to sleep on my back. So we’ll see how this mattress goes.

I’m just so excited to move into my new apartment ’cause I’ve lived on campus for the past three years and I’m so ready to rid myself of quiet hours and RA’s.

So the second thing I did today was buying a comforter for my new mattress. It was so painful. I went to target but then decided I was too hungry to shop so we went to Olive Garden for lunch.

Olive Garden

Minestrone Soup

After lunch we decided to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Where we looked at a multitude of comforters that were all a little too pricey. I found a gray and white patterned comforter that I only liked a bit then found this beauty and absolutely fell in love!



The picture is a bit wonky ’cause I took a picture of what the comforter will look like and it has a plastic lining around it that makes it look all funky on my iPhone camera.

After shopping for a comforter I wanted to buy some Jersey sheets from target but my boyfriend was not having it. We decided to get ice cream and come home instead. So here’s my goofball enjoying his ice cream instead of taking me shopping.


My Dingus

Turns out we visited the first ever DQ of Minnesota which was pretty darn cool. It was a cute little hut in the middle of a plaza that we had never seen before. Our new apartment is also pretty close to these cute little shops so we’ll definitely have to check them out later!

Jokes on Adam though ’cause he’s gonna have to take me to target once traffic cools down, which is actually in about ten to fifteen minutes now that I look at the time.

Last but not least, I’m really into rollerblading right now so I rollerbladed down to the park that’s a couple blocks away and just enjoyed the day. It was so beautiful today I had fun listening to the birds chirp, watching all the dogs play with their owners, and sitting in the sun. Here’s a picture of my skates! They’re pretty old and actually not officially mine, but shh.


My cute rollerblades

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