My Eventful Week

Hey Everyone!

I’m only 50% sure that I mentioned I was going to be moving into a new apartment soon. Well, I’m now in my new apartment! I don’t have pictures yet, they’ll come soon once I get kitchen and living room furniture, but for now I’m gonna share my week with y’all.

I moved into my new apartment June first and man that was seriously so tiring and physically exhausting. I banged myself up pretty good and got a bruise on my forearm that still has yet to go away. Lame.


Here’s my bruise!

It looks so terrible and it drives me nuts because I’m constantly banging it other things.

On the bright side though I managed to finally convince my boyfriend to buy me cotton candy, which is my absolute favorite snack, candy, whatever it is!!


Cotton Candy!


Y’all know how Coca Cola has the promo of the bottles with names on them, right? Well, my name is Brenda and you think that’d be easy to find, but WRONG. This promo has been released like three times now and I have yet to find my name. I actively look for my name and never find it. It’s so frustrating. BUT. I did find my last name!! What are the odds of that?



I’m only a little bummed that I found my last name and not my first name because seriously how common is Martinez??

The next three things were all things I did today.

I started my summer class, The Power of Art, planted strawberries, cucumber, watermelon, and tomatoes, and got my hair cut!

My summer class reading is actually fairly interesting and I learned about a little bit about a bunch of artists ranging from Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol to small children who were cave painters.

school desk

Here’s where I do my studying

Along with my reading, of course I had to have a snack. My snack today consisted of toast with peanut butter and sliced bananas, babybel cheese, water and a banana smoothie that I call a “platanada.”

My boyfriend and I had to go to target today to pick up a prescription and we stumbled across these tiny little plant kits. Naturally, we bought six of them. They were a fun little project to do after lunch and I really enjoyed it.


It was so sunny today!

Theses are our cute little baby plants with the pictures and names of what we planted.

Finally, I got my hair cut today! Nothing too drastic, I just trimmed it and switched up the way the layers fell. No, I didn’t do it by myself. I’d end up bald trying to cut my own hair. Here are before and after pictures of what my hair looks like!

Filters Holla


Hooray for Snapchat filters, am I right?



Not too much of a difference!


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