Como Zoo and Conservatory.

Aside from receiving my Marzia Summer Favorites Box today, I also did something completely new! I went to the Como Zoo and Conservatory today! It was so incredibly fun and they do amazing work at the zoo. I didn’t get that many pictures because I really just wanted to enjoy my time but the zoo is free and open to public. They suggest a $3 and $2 donation for adults and children, respectfully. I think it’s amazing that such an amazing facility is available just a few blocks from my home. I’m excited to visit again to take in everything they have to offer.

IMG_1252For starters, this place is so beautiful. It immediately catches your eyes. The buildings are so beautiful as well as the gardening. Along the left side is a small pond with beautiful lily pads. The building on the left is the main entrance to the zoo and the building in the middle to middle-right is full of different plants, or so I think. I didn’t actually get to go in there because I had food and no food is allowed there.

I took pictures of my favorite exhibits. One of them was the giraffe and ostrich exhibit. I thought it was hilarious that there was a single ostrich that just walked in circles around the giraffes. You can see the giraffe in the middle of the top left picture. The top right is a monkey that appears to have a beard. I thought it just looked so adorable. The bottom picture isn’t that great visually but I really just liked because the zoo has a “rainforest” room and they mist it. I was lucky to see the mist and get a pretty nice picture of it.

img_1536.jpgAfter speeding through the zoo because there were so many tiny children everywhere! My boyfriend and I, of course, had to check out the gift shop. We perused the store until we found these beauties. We knew we had to get them but they only came in MEN SIZES. The horror! I ended up just buying myself a pair too because why the heck not.

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