Summer Fun!

Hey Y’all!

I just wanted to share some cute pictures that I’ve taken during some of my favorite summer activities!

These are from the weekend before the 4th of July! My cousin, Maribel, came to visit me from out of town and we decided to visit the Como Zoo and bike around Lake Como. The lake itself is actually pretty small, it’s a 1.75 mile bike around the entire lake which is relatively small in comparison to all of the lakes we have in Minnesota.

Fourth of July weekend! My boyfriend (he’s the one on the left), his best friend (who I met before meeting my bf) and myself went out on Green Lake in Spicer. My friend, Jack’s family, owns a cabin on the lake so it’s always a treat when we get to go out to it. We did the same thing last year and it’s honestly an amazing way to spend the fourth. The fireworks over the lake look so beautiful.



Shell Lake in Wisconsin

This was actually in June and the water was still pretty cold so my boyfriend and I had to wear wetsuits in order to go kayaking and paddleboarding. It was also a rainy day when we were out at the cabin but it was still so much fun. The middle picture of me posing is a joke between my boyfriend’s mom and her best friend from when they were younger, so I copied the pose to mock them. IMG_7614


Lake Como

IMG_2126 3

Kayaking on Lake Como

After having spent time at Lake Como with my cousin we decided it would be fun to check it out again and try kayaking on the lake. This was my second time kayaking and I can happily say I’m now a huge fan! It was such an amazing day when we got out because it was really warm but there was a small breeze that made the temperature feel perfect!

IMG_3440IMG_2777We also went to Albert Lea Lake which is in Albert Lea to visit my boyfriend’s grandparents. Aren’t they just the cutest?? They just celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago and my god they are so freaking adorable!! Aside from getting to visit with the grandparents we went out on the lake because we were trying to learn how to release the boat into the lake and put it back onto the trailer, which was not easy. We skied and I had never gotten up on skis before that day. I jumped into deep water, put the skis on and somehow managed to get up on my fourth try!! I was so excited and extremely happy!!

Last but not least.

I just love to go on drives in the Summer so my boyfriend and I head up to Duluth sometimes or we just drive for a few hours then come back home to relax. My favorite way to relax is to sit outside on the hammock reading a book or taking a nap. I just absolutely love Minnesota Summers!

What are some cool things you have done this Summer?


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