July Favorites!

Sadly, July has come to end which means Summer is almost halfway through! On the bright side though it also means that my birthday is coming up soon!

I’ve been so busy this first week of August but these favorites are here and they’re better late than never!

My favorites in July consist of items and occurrences. I had parts of my family come up from to Texas to visit me so that has to be included in my favorites for July.

That comes up first on my favorites list!

My mom, stepdad, uncle, aunt, and two cousins came up to visit me on two separate occasions. My mom and stepdad came up to visit me early in July and my uncle and his family came to visit just last weekend. This was the first time since moving up here that I have had any part of my family come up to visit. It’s been almost three years since I moved up here and I am so happy that my mom finally made it up here to visit. I only have some crappy pictures because I honestly was just so excited to spend time with her. I showed her around campus, she got to see my new apartment (which I will show y’all soon), and she got to meet my boyfriend’s mom, which was an amazing plus!



My step dad and Jayden, Adam in the back, my uncle Richard, my mom and Matias, me and my aunt Yesi and Benjamin


Jayden, My Step dad, my uncle, my mom with Matias, me and my aunt with Benjamin


My uncles and cousin behind Minnehaha Falls

On to beauty!

My favorite products this month were:

  1. Marzia’s eye shadow palette. I actually never wear eye shadow but when I saw these colors I knew I had to try them out. I actually really loved the way they looked on me (no picture ): sadly) and I’m excited to try new looks with it. I’m actually so terrible at applying any kind of makeup but I’m really trying my best to make it work. IMG_3425
  2. I  love the brand Crabtree & Evelyn. I went out and bought a cute little sample set that came with body wash, body lotion and hand lotion. My favorite is the body wash because the scent seems to last for a very long time. The body lotion is also extremely nice because it does not get sticky after you apply it which is always something that I look for in lotions. I highly recommend these products. IMG_3498

Games & Books

  1. My boyfriend and I love to play board games so we went to Games by James and looked for something that would be easiest to play with 2 players. We found this game called Patchwork and the purpose of the game is to completely fill your board with patches. There are a ton of oddly shaped “patches” around the main board and you can buy them with buttons to place on your personal board. Turns start by buying a patch, because you start with five buttons, and then moving the number of spaces stated by the patch. You collect buttons based on the buttons pictured on the patches. The game continues until each player reaches the end of the playing board. It’s a little confusing to explain but the game play is extremely simple and so fun!

    Not My Picture.

    I’m actually blogging at work so I have to take pictures off the internet to show you some of my favorites.

  2. Another great game that I’m still not entirely sure how to play is Agricola. We’ve attempted to play it a few times but it’s very confusing. We always find out that we did something wrong or didn’t use the right cards, etc. Nonetheless it is a fun game to play. You have a farm basically where you get to expand your family and build huts, add stables, fences and animals, or plow and sow fields. But, you have to have enough food to feed your family at the end of each phase during the harvest, which is the most difficult task. There are lots of ways to earn points but that is a basic/rough explanation. IMG_3431
  3. My favorite book for July and probably August too since I haven’t finished it yet is the memoir, “My Beloved World,” written by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. She is such an inspiration to me. I aspire to succeed despite the struggles that life has thrown at me and that is exactly how her book is framed. Her book is beautifully written and it really hits close to home for me which is why I enjoy it so much. It’s a great read so far and I’m excited to finish it.

Not My Picture.

Finally, Food.

  1. I only had one favorite food that I tried this month and it was the strawberry cakepop from Starbucks. I normally dislike cakepops but this one was so moist and had a delicious flavor. It did not taste as artificial as most cakepops do and I just absolutely loved it. IMG_3448

I hope y’all enjoyed my favorites. I’m still trying to figure out this whole blog thing so I would love some tips and pointers.

What were your favorites in July?


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