Unboxing! – Fall Box

Hey Y’all!

I received my Marzia Fall Box that originally went out last year in the fall. They reissued a limited number of boxes for 8 dollars on Marzia’s shop.

Here’s the list from Marzia’s box!


  1. Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast – This styling spray is supposed to add volume and texture to your hair. I’m not sure that I will actually use this because I have very thick, frizzy, semi-curled hair so I’m not sure that it will work well for me. I wonder if it will add too much volume if i use it or if it will just kind of equalize the volume I already have. IMG_5480
  2. Paul & Joe Face Primer – Universal Color – This actually might be useful for me to use! I tend to sweat my makeup off during the Summer, so a primer will help keep the makeup a little longer. I’m eager to try to this out! Also look at this cute little bottle! I use Magical Moringa from Lush as a moisturizer but it also acts as a primer and it really seems to help but its purpose isn’t to function as a primer. So I think using an actual primer will really make the difference!IMG_7820
  3. DERMA-E Hydrating Mist – This is mist instantly hydrates and refreshes your skin. This might also help with my skin in the Summer. IMG_4927
  4. Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Mascara Sample – I’m always up for trying new mascaras so this is going to be fun to try! I really like the bristles are different from the brushes I already have. This brush has really short fairly spread out bristles. IMG_2437
  5. Yes to Cucumbers Paper Mask – I actually love these paper masks. I have a ton of them already and just love to use them before bed. It’s always great to get more of what you already use! These are just so refreshing and they always seem to help keep skin moisturized. img_9217.jpg
  6. ShangPree S-Energy Cleansing Gel Sample – This cleansing gel enhances skin energy and gently removes makeup. Not exactly sure how this will affect my skin but I’m excited to try! img_4075.jpg
  7. Caolion Pre O2 Sparking Blackhead Soap – This soap exfoliates, hydrates, soothes and provides sebum control I think this product will be really useful for my boyfriend. He needs something that will be soft on his skin and this seems like a good fit. IMG_6066
  8. Palmer’s Flip Balm – lip balms are so handy! You can pop them in your bag or backpack and they’re just so convenient.IMG_0372

Marzia also included a bunch of random cute items

  1. Marzia’s Custom PopSocketIMG_3562
  2. Valley Cruise Press Vintage Record Pinimg_2605.jpg
  3. Fuzzy Pink Earrings & a Black Choker IMG_5321
  4. Marzia’s Story Coloring Book with her top 10 Horror Movies
  5. Marzia’s DIY Memory Game cutoutsimg_5444.jpgLet me know if you have tried any of these products and let me know which ones you do or don’t like!


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