Breezy Point


Hey Y’all!

This past week my boyfriend’s family and I went up north to Breezy Point. They have been going up there since 1984 and this year was my second year attending. I always get way too excited going up there that I forget to take pictures until the end of the week.

Anyways, Breezy Point is a resort that has many cabins on Pelican Lake. They have several community centers that have pools, hot tubs, games and ice cream.

We drove up there on Saturday and had to wait until Monday to get the boat up there because Adam’s grandparents are pretty old now and can’t really make the 6 hour drive as well as they used to. Sunday was a really rainy day so we spent the day shopping in Nisswa, which is a little town about 10 min. away from the cabin. I found a really cute top that I liked and also found some black ripped jeans but they were a little too small on me which was a bummer.


Here’s the top I bought and jeans that were too small. 

Luckily the sun came out a little bit on Monday so we took full advantage of it and headed out on the lake. We went skiing and tubing which is always super fun. I just recently “mastered” water skiing so this trip was really about feeling more comfortable on the water.

^^Here’s us tubing and doing our wifi cheer. When we checked in the lady at the desk told us that they had wifi and we all simultaneously cheered wifi and stuck our arms straight into the air. It was so funny but the lady at the desk just looked at all of us like we were giant weirdos.

It actually rained on Tuesday, Wednesday and partially on Thursday so we didn’t actually get to go out on the boat for skiing or anything until Friday. We spent these three days indoors watching movies or going shopping in Nisswa and Pequot Lakes. We also did some arts and crafts on the rainy days. We painted wooden puzzles, which we accidentally left at my boyfriend’s parent’s house. I painted a Minnesota puzzle with a tree and boat, Adam painted an igloo with penguins, Haley (His little sister) painted an igloo with polar bears and his mom painted a loon with baby loons around it. Another craft we made were paper flowers. They’re actually really cute and fairly easy to make. I don’t have pictures of these either because I left them in Adam’s mom’s car. Ugh. I suck at remembering things.

I also don’t remember what day it was that we explored the fire tower that’s near the resort but here are some pictures of that!

Thursday was a good fishing day because it was cloudy, cold and rainy. We went out on the boat to fish for a few hours. Adam’s mom, Dianne, his grandpa, Roger, Adam and I went out on the boat and all of us except Adam caught a fish. Dianne and I caught baby Northerns and she also caught a largemouth Bass, I believe. (I’m not good with fish) Roger caught a few fish but he didn’t want pictures of them because they weren’t “picture worthy fish.”


IMG_6591IMG_3865 3IMG_6611

After fishing we went out for dinner at Billy’s and then we went mini golfing at Pirates Cove. I suck at golf and I suck at mini golf but my boyfriend comes from a family of golfers so they’re all extremely good at golf. His little sister played on the high school team even though she was in 8th grade. So they’re extremely talented. It was still so much fun though! We ended up making challenges for $5 because we got stuck behind a very large party. So we would have to make it from a log or a rock and if you made it you won $5 and then you would have control of creating the challenge on the next hole until someone won your challenge. We ultimately played 36 holes and I lost on both courses.


Friday was another semi-sunny day so we went out on the lake for as long as we could before we got rained on and had to rush back inside. I skied on Friday and learned how to get outside the wake. It was so difficult because I have only skied a handful of times and you really have to balance your weight from side to side in order to get in and out of the wake. I was so happy once I did it though! I’m so proud of how fast I learned and how persistent I became once I knew I wanted to learn. I honestly love water skiing and I’m so happy that I can easily do it now.

Adam also got to drive the boat which was really fun. I’m so happy he finally learned how to drive the boat and how to maneuver on the water. The first time I got to go to Breezy Adam sucked up rocks with a jet ski and he’s been terrified of driving anything on the lake ever since so I was so proud of him for getting up and driving the boat!


I’m out of the wake!! 


Friday night we watched the Vikings play against the Seahawks and then packed our bags. We were out of the cabin by 10 am and started making our way back home. We stopped in Brainerd for two hours to visit someone and then ate lunch at a really cute diner.


We said our goodbyes to Breezy Point and are so sad that this year may be the last year we get to stay at the resort.

I essentially lose my eyes every time I smile but here’s us at the end of the dock.

What fun things have you done this Summer?


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