My Room!

Hey Y’all!

I was cleaning my room yesterday evening and decided I should take a couple of pictures and show y’all what it looks like. I’m so happy I finally have my own place and can decorate it any way I want without having to worry about ruining the paint or poking holes in wall like in a dorm.

IMG_3888I love gray and chose a gray schemed bed spread and pillows. I originally bought a black and gray comforter that I shared in an earlier post but I didn’t end up enjoying it as much as I thought I would. I found my throw pillows and sheets at Target and my comforter at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I really loved how this fit with the colors of my room because it kept it nice and neutral. I didn’t want to have too many colors in my room so gray and white were a really good choice. IMG_3889The canvas on the wall is one of my favorite purchases. I am from the South and have always loved cacti and succulents. I bought the canvas at a store named Earthbound. They have lots of really cute indie stuff like incense, canvases, dreamcatchers, statues and a ton of other stuff. I found the two shelves at a Goodwill Outlet earlier this Summer and I used them to display a manatee, my Marzia mug, my pyropet (candle), my box of crayons, and my dad’s candle and last box of cigarettes. IMG_3890I got this leaning bookcase with my leaning desk from someone on craigslist and I am really loving the vibe they give off and they are so modern they fit so well. On this shelf I have some of my books (I have way too many to fit on this) and I added a few of my collectible items. Things that are displayed: my Beatles lunchbox collection, my handmade ceramic painted skull, Whataburger tents, picture frames, a couple of my dads’ things that I got from his house, leather bound journals, and my pin/button collection in glass containers. IMG_3891

Here’s what my closet looks like! It’s very spacious and fits my many many pairs of shoes along with my suitcases and plastic storage containers, which is awesome! I decided I didn’t want plain brown doors so I covered one door completely with pictures of my friends and family. I keep it open like shown most of the time so that the brown isn’t seen very well.  IMG_3893This side of my room is pretty plain because I’m not sure what to place next to my Vikings pins that are in the display case. These pins are for the inaugural season of the new stadium and there is one for every home game of last season. I’m thinking of hanging my Taylor Swift lithos above my tv but I’m not sure yet. Let me know if you have any ideas that can spruce up this wall!  IMG_3892I actually really love the way my desk looks because it is super cute and I can easily store all of my books on the shelves too. I left some room on it right now and off centered the middle shelf because I will be placing my school books there once that starts. I have my 100 gel pens displayed along with my polaroid cameras, my teavana tea pot and cups, and my dad’s watch. Above my laptop I have pictures of my boyfriend, my mom & stepdad, my younger siblings and most importantly, my dad. I also have my led lamp and two pencil/pen holders, one of which is handmade by me. IMG_3887

Next to my bed on my end table, I have my pet hamster, Olive. He’s the cutest little hamster ever. He did not want to hold still for a picture. But here he is nonetheless.


So my room is still pretty empty but I’m working on getting some smaller shelves so I can display the rest of my things on the walls. My room is completely white along with the furniture so it’s always gonna look pretty empty even with all the stuff I already have in it.

If you have any ideas on how to add more to my room without making it look too cluttered, let me know! I’d love to hear them!


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