Sea Life

Hey Y’all!

Adam and I went to the aquarium in the Mall of America on Sunday. We won free tickets from mystery cards and decided it would be fun to go check it out. Neither of us had been there since we were younger when it was called Underwater Adventures Aquarium. Sea Life now has since been completely remodeled. IMG_3949IMG_3951^Right when you walk into the aquarium there is a little pool with these red squishy things. I forgot what they are but that’s okay! Anyways, you get to touch them before you get your tickets scanned to actually enter the aquarium.

IMG_3952IMG_3953IMG_3959IMG_3958IMG_3960^Then you walk into an area with a pool of stingrays which you are not allowed to touch. I found this really weird because at most aquariums people are allowed to touch the stingrays but who knows! The pictures are pretty bad quality throughout the aquarium just because it was so dark in there.

IMG_3964IMG_4023IMG_3966IMG_3965^Next was the jellyfish room and my boyfriend tried to take a bunch of pictures of me walking through it so he could get the different bright colors but a lot those pictures were very blurry so I only got a few. This room was so fun to be in because, as you can see, there are vertical tanks of jellyfish and then there are mirrors along the sides to it seems as though there are tons of tanks when in reality there are only maybe about six. IMG_3969IMG_3972^Then we got to see many tanks of seahorses and shrimps. Some of the shrimps were a vibrant red color and they looked so cool in the tank under the fluorescent lights. IMG_3975IMG_3973IMG_3981IMG_3987IMG_3989IMG_3991IMG_3993^These pictures are from the tank with the sharks in them. I had never been to an aquarium that had an arch like this one does and it was so cool because one of the sharks actually laid on the glass. I was able to get a good picture of it too so I was so excited! I also just loved all of the fish that were in these tanks because they were massive. I mean these fish were all just absolutely gigantic! It was so cool getting to look at them. IMG_4002IMG_3999The aquarium ends with a rainforest-jungle type exhibit and I didn’t really get that many pictures because they were mostly frogs that were too small and hidden within their tanks.

I had so much fun visiting the aquarium this past weekend. Those free tickets really were a treat!

Thanks for reading! ~Brenda

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