The Great Minnesota Get Together

Hey y’all!

This past week and a half has been so busy for me! I’ve been trying to soak up as much sun and fun as possible before starting my senior year of college. One way I did that was by attending the Minnesota State Fair. It is so large and there is so much to do it’s so hard to just go once, so this year I went four separate times!

My boyfriend and I absolutely love going for the food! We buy tickets just to go there for lunch and dinner. It’s gets pretty pricey but it only comes once a year so it’s worth it!


These pictures were taken from the sky ride and are a little blurry because the gondola-like things have plastic windows that are a little scratched up and foggy. I just wanted to show you some perspective on how big the fair is. The sky ride is one of two rides that take you clear across the fair, one runs north to south and the other east to west so this is only half of the fair.

Next up, all the food! I’m gonna place these images individually so be prepared!


Fried Pickles!

First up, are my favorite! Fried pickles at the fair give me life, they are seriously so good!


Sizzle Pork And Mmm.

Spamburgers and Spam curds are second on my list. We absolutely LOVE spam. I’m not even kidding when I say this. Most people hate spam but it’s honestly so delicious I could not imagine life without it! (maybe I could but shh! let me be dramatic)

Number 3 has got to be the Pork Chop on a stick. It is by far the best tasting porkchop I’ve ever had. It is so tender and seasoned perfectly it just melts in your mouth.

Next, we have the corn roast. I, sadly, couldn’t eat the corn this year because I just recently got braces (post to come soon about that), but Adam got to enjoy the delicious corn. Sweet corn is the best corn and everyone needs to try it!

IMG_7789Then we have the Texas Steak Out, which I personally love because it feels like home. I actually only eat the tater twisters because they’re just so amazing but the meat is also very tasty for a Texan. The tater twister is a seasoned potato twirled around a very long stick that look like this:IMG_2633.JPGFinally the nitro ice cream, this is not on my list last because it is my least favorite, but it’s on my list at the very end because it is the only “dessert food” that I love to have at the fair! (aside from sweet martha’s cookie jar)  It is so creamy and takes forever to melt unlike regular ice cream. IMG_3997That’s all the food I love to have at the fair. I mean there are lots more that I could add but these are my favorites! Oh! I almost forgot. There’s an all you can drink milk bar for $2 and that is always delicious.IMG_3906Now I’m just gonna share pictures that I took at the fair. There is so much there it’s almost impossible to share it all in detail. There are many shops and booths and fun activities to do while you’re there it really is an exciting event!



If you’re from Minnesota you know how amazing the fair is, and if you are not I strongly recommend going to the fair if you live somewhere close! It’s an insane amount of fun for people of all ages and I know I’ll enjoy it for many years to come!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a wonderful night! Good luck to those of you starting school soon like I am and good luck to those who have already started!

Let me know if you’ve been to any cool fairs or festivals in your town! I’d love to hear it!



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