Brace Face

Hey Y’all!

***Fair warning that there will be awkward photos of my teeth and face so BEWARE!***

So I just wanted to write about me getting braces. I’ve always had a pretty crooked smile and have always wanted braces to fix it but unfortunately my family could never afford it. Because I wanted them so bad I did a lot of research to figure out what kind of braces I could get and where to go. I ended up picking an orthodontist at The Dental Specialists which is an office close to my apartment.

I was bullied a lot when I was younger for having ugly teeth and in high school boys would tell me that they wouldn’t date me because of my teeth. I have always been extremely self conscience of my teeth because of that and I really started to hate my smile to the point that I would NEVER smile with teeth. I eventually got over it and started to love my smile but I was already set on getting braces at that point.

I finally got enough courage (and money) to get off my butt and go in for a consultation and I got my top braces put on two weeks after my consultation. That was in late July and then two days ago I got my bottom braces put on. 8821BA65-F886-4F9F-9C9A-118D26AEB824.jpeg

This is what my teeth looked like before braces, I didn’t really have that bad of a smile. I did however have a tooth that was stuck behind the rest of my teeth on my right side. Aside from that the only other “bad” teeth were my bottom canines that are sideways. My orthodontist was really excited about my teeth because she said they would be an easy fix and I’m only going to have braces for a little over a year or so.

I opted for clear braces just because I am 20 (although not for long bc my birthday is in a few hours) and I work at a law firm. I wanted to make sure that I still look mature and presentable and not 12.

So here come the awkward pictures of me and my teeth.

67F821E0-A26D-4D3C-BEA7-AFECDBFE67BCThis is the very first picture I took of me and my top braces. You can already see a difference in my top teeth between the two pictures. It’s honestly so amazing at what braces can do in a short amount of time.


I don’t know if you can see it very well but along with adding bottom braces I also got a coil spring in between the two teeth that are next to the tooth behind the rest of my teeth. (was that confusing to read?) The spring will help separate the teeth beside the “bad” one so that we can attach it to the wire and bring it forward. I’m not sure how long it will take to space out my teeth but I’m excited for that to start.

IMG_9464I also got a thicker wire on my top braces to move my teeth around more. I’m very excited to see the progress I make within the next few months and I’m ready to have a straight smile!

Aside from the excitement, I have also experienced AN INSANE AMOUNT OF PAIN. I have never experienced anything this painful. I don’t understand how children do this. I am such a wimp apparently because I cannot sit still right now. My teeth hurt so bad it almost brings me to tears, but I know that it goes away eventually.

Have any of you had braces before? What was your experience like?

Thanks for reading!


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