21st Birthday!

Hey Y’all!

I celebrated my 21st birthday this past Sunday (Sept. 10th) and I had such an amazing time so of course I had to share!

I woke up early and had my favorite breakfast, cereal. I know that is so lame but I honestly love eating cereal with sliced bananas in it. Then I got to open my presents which I am absolutely in love with!

Christmas wrapping paper expertly wrapped by my boyfriend.

So I knew that one of my gifts was going to be the pinafore dress from Marzia’s Lemon collection but my boyfriend also bought the lemon t shirt and this is me realizing it when I opened my gift. It made me so happy that he added the t shirt in for me because he knew it would complete the outfit.

The pictures are all a little blurry because I was moving around so much due to the excitement.

My next gift came in a big box so I was excited for that! I am super into office supplies and I love anything that will help keep me organized so I was happy when I opened my gift. I got the brand new DYMO Mobile Labeler that you can use from your phone. So you download an app and you can customize the label with colors, fonts, images, and borders. It’s honestly such an amazing gift, I would not have wanted anything else.


My next gift is even better. I mean my boyfriend really hit the nail on the head with these gifts. He is honestly the best gift giver that I have ever met!

IMG_4124I see the green and gold and immediately knew it was gonna be the kate spade purse I had been begging for for months! IMG_4126This bag is so chic, I mean it is the perfect size for me and above all, it’s black. Black matches with anything and everything so this purse is versatile, not only in color but I also think that it can be both dressed up and down. The bag comes with a cross body strap which I think helps the bag look a little more casual, but if you’re looking for a sophisticated professional view, then the bag without the strap is perfect.

After all these gifts, Adam took me out to eat at Olive Garden. Olive Garden is hands down my favorite Minnesota restaurant.  I had my first legal drink and I was finally able to say yes to the wine samples they offer and I ordered a green apple sangria. (it is so good, I highly recommend it!) IMG_4129I also got a free birthday dessert and I ordered a dark chocolate caramel pudding-cake type thing and it was delicious! Our waitress wrote out, “Happy 21st” on the plate that she brought the dessert out on, which was so sweet of her to do. IMG_4130

After lunch we headed over to the liquor store so that I could buy booze for my party.

I threw a lumberjack themed birthday party and required that everyone wear plaid. To my surprise, everyone coincidentally wore red plaid, which was awesome. We all just hung out, drank beer, played pool and listened to music. I had such a good time and I was thankful that everyone was able to make it to my celebration. IMG_4133

And that was my day! I also got to watch the Minnesota Vikings win on 9/11 and that was also a really great birthday gift! IMG_4138

Thanks for reading!

I’d love to hear about your birthdays! I know being 21 is really only exciting in the United States so if you live somewhere other than here let me know which birthday was/is your favorite!


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