New & Improved Apartment

My apartment finally has ALL the furniture!

Here’s a tour of my “new” apartment! IMG_0573

Okay! This is my living room, before we got the couch we only had the yellow chair and the gaming chair. The couch is an amazing addition and I’m so happy we finally have one because it is a struggle to not have a couch. We also have surround sound so that’s what the speakers and cords on the ground are. We are not exactly sure how to cover the wires up so that little rug will have to suffice. I think we should also get a bigger TV because the one we have now is a 40 inch and I think it looks a little small for the room.


Here’s my lovely kitchen and dining room. The kitchen is newly remodeled so it looks so nice and everything works incredibly well because it is brand new which is a huge plus. As you can tell we opted for a small dining room table because space is limited and it’s just the two of use so we thought a smaller table would be best. We didn’t want to make our apartment feel too crowded and the small table is honestly perfect. We really do still need to utilize all of the blank space on our walls because it feels so empty without anything on the walls. We have a lot of posters but we don’t want to put them up because they don’t have frames and we think it’ll look a little childish to have unframed movie/band posters, so we’re working on getting decor.

IMG_0821IMG_0103IMG_2623 2

This is “Adams” room but we both sleep in here and basically live out of this room alone. His walls are still pretty blank as well aside from a map of Greece and a canvas. We have this walk in closet in this room which is so amazing because we have another walk in closet a little larger than this one in our hallway which serves as great storage. In this closet we keep our shoes, school materials like books and just any other random things that we don’t want to keep in our other closet. I also just really love Adam’s desk because it has so much more space to work on than mine does so I sometimes come do my homework in this room too.


This is the bathroom, obviously. (peep me in the mirror) My favorite color is blue so we got a blue shower curtain and matching blue towels. I seriously could not have had any other color in my bathroom other than blue. I think it just works so well and it makes me happy when I get to walk into a blue room! I have a couple of decorations on the vanity? and I think it makes it look cute and adds a more personal touch to the bathroom. I have a wooden tray and matching toothbrush holder. On the wooden tray I have a mason jar with cotton swab sticks (Q-tips) and two bars of soap from Crabtree & Evelynn. On the other side I have a small plate that says “it’s the little things” with a cute cacti design and I use this to place my rings/bracelets/necklaces that I’m wearing that day when I go in for a shower or to wash my hands. Then I have a mason jar full of seashells and a Marzia candle. IMG_3888

Finally, here’s my room, again. You’ve already seen this and if you have not then go check out my blog post titled My Room!

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is having a very happy Monday!


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