A little Update

Hey y’all!

I have actually been slacking pretty hard on my blog posts. I have a bunch planned out but I never seem to have time to actually get to writing them. So here I am on my lunch break at work trying to write as many as I can!

Adam and I have been having a lot of fun recently.

Last Thursday we decided to make his famous apple bars. It is his family’s recipe so unfortunately I can’t share the ingredients but I will show you pictures of us making them! We had a lot of fun but we also messed up a couple of times. It was my first time making them on my own, without the help of Adam’s grandma, so it was a little challenging. We got started by getting all of the ingredients and we tried rolling out the crust a good 5 times until we realized that it was not working because we used WAY WAY WAY expired flour. The dough kept falling apart and it was just not working so we had to go to the grocery store to buy more and this was already at 9 pm so we went with it, we were committed.

Apple Bars

This is before and after going in the oven.

After we finally got the dough to work for us, everything came together smoothly, until we accidentally left them too long in the oven and slightly overcooked them. whoops! But alas! they still taste delicious and I am very happy with our first attempt!

IMG_4230 2

The next thing I want to share is the Renaissance Festival. I went this past weekend with my cousin for the first time and while it wasn’t necessarily my scene, I did have fun! I also managed to score a beautiful Vikings mug that I am just so in love with right now. I even brought it to work because I’m honestly obsessed with it. I also got to visit both the fairy garden and mermaid cove so these are pictures of that!

fairy village.jpg

Fairy Wing Forest

Mermaid cove.jpgFinally, on Sunday we got to watch the vikings beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! Winning Sundays call for an amazing week and lifted spirits! So here’s my mug, to celebrate the win!IMG_7228.JPG

That’s all for this post! What fun things did you do this weekend? Are you a football fan like me?


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